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Residential & Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Dazzling Holiday Displays right out of Santa's Playbook

Did you know that Oklahoma's favorite HVAC pros also double as Santa's helpers during the holiday season? That's right! Forget the tangled hassle and frustration and let our home service experts execute your family's holiday vision with the same care, precision, and commitment to excellence as we do all your AC, heating, plumbing and electrical concerns. Air Comfort Solutions is always a winning call... no matter the season!

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Full Warranty, maintenance, and take-down service

Since Air Comfort Solutions only installs commercial-grade lights, we warranty all of our work and equipment! If for some reason you have an issue with your product or installation, we're just a phone call away and are happy to address your concern. In addition, we offer full take-down service with every bid and are happy to professionally remove your lights when the holidays are over!

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Stress-free, inclusive bids that take care of everything

Air Comfort Solutions is happy to offer a free design consultation, and all bids include materials, installation, maintenance, and take-down. There are no hidden fees or extra charges to worry about. We offer both commercial and residential installs, and come up with a custom plan for each project! We use only the highest-quality, professional C9 LED Faceted Lights and G12 LED Berry Lights.

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C9 LED Faceted Lights

G12 LED Berry Lights

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